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Happy New Year!

Eastburn Restaurant
7 pm show 
 10th  Dough @ Mississippi Pizza
Mississippi Ave PDX 8 pm show
 11th  "Preach" Pope House 
Bourbon Lounge  NW Glisan 
7:30 show 
!2th TBA

 13th Harvey's Pop-Up Show @
Aberdeen Theater in Aberdeen
WA  Tickets a Harvey's Pop-Up 
FB & IG.
14th Stayton OR Theater 7 pm show

18th Angles Of The Winds Casino
Arlington WA. 7pm show

20th Los Angeles TV shoot.

26th War King Winery Woodenville WA
Cozy Comedy .com 7 pm show

 27th Port Angles Community Theater
8 pm show. Tickets on my FB page






  7th Chill & Fill Portland OR
  7pm N Lombard PDX

  8th Private Party
  15th Al's Den McMenamin's   Crystal Hotel Portland OR
  10 pm show. $10 cover

  16th Private Party

 18th Comedy Basement @ 
  Goodfoot Arts & Music SE        Stark.  7:pm show.PDX




  2023                  2024

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